Hello from Convolution and HRM Steampunk

photoPart of me has this dream of just bouncing from convention to convention forever and part of me, having done two conventions in two weekends, is so, so happy to be home.  Basically, I had a fantastic time at Convolution and at the High Rollers and Mavericks Steampunk Symposium.  And now I’m tired.  And I’m ready to go to Convolution 2015, but I have to wait until 2015!

Convolution was so delightful.  Honestly, I can’t even begin to tell you.  I experienced two glitches – one, I was mysteriously locked out of a room (this was rapidly resolved) and two, I was booked to be in two panels at one time (even in a building full of mad scientists and time travelers, I could not resolve this).  Considering the size of the event, and the fact that it went on for four days, I thought that was impressive.

I was a Featured Guest of Honor, which means I hung out with the Guests of Honor, which means I met Marie Brennan and almost choked to death when I realized who she was and now Marie and I are TOTALLY BFF’S!  If you aren’t familiar with the Lady Trent series, you should be.  It’s delightful.  Above all, I got to hang out with the people I met last year at Convolution plus new friends (me and Tanya Huff and Taunya Gren compared how many pets we had while I fangirled internally).  I was also on a panel with Gail Carriger and now my life is complete.

An evil corporation of evil got me to try on an outfit.  It cost $450.  I did not buy it.  I want it.  Sadness reigns o’er my heart.  If you want to feel my pain, check these guys out – you can get lovely things from them for much less than $450.  Firebird Fae Couture makes blouses, skirts, and other fabric confections and Blue Moon Designs makes belts and bustles THAT LIGHT UP.  I was dying, you guys.  DYING.

Here’s the thing – I did not take a single picture.  Sorry, guys.  Not even one.  I was on panels almost the whole time and I forgot to take pics.  Did I get a pic of the thing where you could shoot Darth Vader with a nerd gun for charity?  Or the ball pit of hilarity? Or the dead astronaut?  No, I did not.  You must  picture these things in your mind.

Then I came home and…went to HRM Steampunk Symposium in Old Sac.  This was a less well-coordinated event.  Not much programming, although what there was, was great.  It was hard to find things.  It was hard to get panels set up.

BUT – it was a weekend of steampunk in Old Sacramento, and, once again, everyone I met was delightful.  Here’s an example – I was wearing a nautilus pen from Steamy Tech and when they realized that part of it was broken, they repaired it for me, for free, on the spot.  Steamy Tech was donating a portion of their profits to this gofundmeproject:  Helping Robert.  Robert is a Gulf War veteran with health problems related to his service.  Please take a look.

I’ve very much enjoyed getting involved with the Sacramento Steampunk Society and I hung out at their booth and took some pics:



Waiting for a train at the Old Sacramento station.




These travelers say they want to go to Disneyland. To see the Steampunk art exhibit on Main Street, I presume.



The dragon only bites a little.


Two sophisticated travelers and one beat-up diver waiting for a train at the Old Sacramento Waiting Room

Clockwork parrot! It talked, it moved, it said “pretty bird”, it stole my heart.

OK, I have to go take a nap!  And then get ready for the next round of convention fun!  Can’t Wait for the summer round:  RT Booklovers, Baycon, and, hopefully, San Diego Comic-Con.  Whee!

4 thoughts on “Hello from Convolution and HRM Steampunk

  1. Emerian Rich says:

    We should a taken a pic together.

  2. Carolyn Hill says:

    I saw you in the distance at Convolution but was dragged in the opposite direction by People With Agendas Not My Own.

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