I’m a Featured Guest At Convolution 2014!

photoLast year I attended Convolution, a science fiction and fantasy convention in California.  This year I’m so excited to be back, as a featured guest!  I hope some of you can attend!  This is going to be a fun convention – in my experience, it’s packed with things to do but it’s also friendly and low-key.  There are workshops, panels, a masquerade, gorgeous crafts in the dealer’s room, and if last year is any indication, a lot of parties.

Here’s the when and Where for Convolution 2014:

Sept 26 – Sept 28, 2014

Hyatt Regency, SFO

Burlingame, CA

And, here’s my schedule!

Friday, Sept 26th:

1PM:  Opening Ceremonies

2-4PM:  We Love Wonder Woman!

This panel will talk about Wonder Woman’s enduring appeal as a feminist icon.  I’m looking forward to sharing the best Wonder Woman line of all time, “Great Girdle of Aphrodite, am I tired of being tied up!”

4-6PM:  Questions and Answers and Things that Go Bump in the Night

This panel is all question and answer – but the questions go into a hat and whoever draws the question must answer it.  Should be hilarious.

6PM – 8PM:  Meet The Guests

This is an informal gathering.  Please come and say hi!

8PM-10PM:  Delphic Oracle

I am not even going to attempt to describe this except that it involves comedic improv and I strongly suspect that it may also involve alcohol.  I certainly hope so.

Saturday, Sept 27th:

10AM – 12PM:  Inventors. Travellers, Scientists, Spies:  Real-Life Steampunk Women

The image of the Victorian Woman is that of prudish, housebound women, but many Victorian women lived lives of great intellect and adventure.  I’ll be talking about some of the women who out-steampunked steampunk – women like Ada Lovelace, mathematician and inventor, Gertrude Bell, explorer, and Lani Rakshmi Bai, leader and warrior.

12PM – 2PM:  Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

A meet-up for fans of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.  Sarah Wendell, creator of the website, has hinted to me that I might be provided with swag.  Let’s talk romance and our favorite books!

2PM – 4PM:  Dragon, Wizards, and Vampires:  Their Origin and Development

I’m so excited about this panel because Gail Carriger is on it.  I plan to spend the panel staring at her in awe.  Or would that be creepy?

4P – 6PM:  Excuse Me, Princess!  The Greatest Love Stories of Sci Fi

 Sunday, Sept 28th:

10AM – 12PM:  Geek Parents Raising Geeklets

My daughter has been invited to participate on this panel with me.  I tremble to think of how she might answer the question, “What does your mom do to embarrass you?”  The mind boggles.

You can register at http://con-volution.com/2014/event-registration/.  Can’t wait!



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