Updates on Romance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Convolution

vampire heart on a black backgroundI have good news and bad news today.  Bad news first: many of you have asked what ever happened to Romance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my upcoming book?  It was posted for preorder and seemed to be a done deal.  Alas, the publishing world is an unstable place and my publisher ultimately decided not to publish the book – so it’s looking for a new home.  The good news is that they have returned the rights, so eventually Romance in Buffy will find a new home (probably with a new cover).  At this time, I don’t know whether it will be self-published or reside with a new publisher.  But I’ll let you all know what happens, and I thank all of you who pre-ordered for your support.

The good news is that I will be a featured guest at Convolution 2014!  This convention is taking place on September 26 – 28, at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame, CA.

I’m so excited about this convention.  It’s large enough that there’s a ton of great programming and gaming options and small enough that I can actually talk to people.  Check them out on Facebook or online!

A partial list of guests in no particular order:

Marie Brennan

Gail Carriger

Todd McCafferey

Tanya Huff

Tanya Guen

Kevin R. Grazier, PhD

Michael A. Stackpole

Jeff Sturgeon

I am so excited.  I’m looking forward to participating in a number of panels and events – stay tuned for a schooled, and please come visit!  I’d love to meet you!

3 thoughts on “Updates on Romance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Convolution

  1. Carolyn Hill says:

    Gail Carriger AND Tanya Huff! And you! That’s excellent. I’m going to attend Convolution this September.

    I’m sorry about your book. It’s one I very much want to read.

  2. Lady T says:

    I did pre-order the book but it seemed to mysteriously disappear from my Nook and B&N and I had to eventually take it off my list-sorry:( I do hope that you find another distributor for RIBVS soon but kudos on the convention.

    • CarrieS says:

      Thank you, Lady T! I’ve been gratified to hear from people who were looking foreword to the Buffy book, but also disappointed on their behalf. On to plan B, C, and D!

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