Book Review: The Adventures of Superhero Girl, by Faith Erin Hicks

cover of The Amazing Adventures of Superhero GirlThis is a short review of a short book that provided my daughter and I with intense pleasure.  The Adventures of Superhero Girl follows the exploits of twenty-something Superhero Girl who tries to juggle being a superhero with being broke (says one evil Ninja, “You know what REALLY pays!  CRIME!”), being awkward at parties, and feeling inferior to perfect big brother Kevin.  This is a collection of comic strips that ran in a newspaper and there’s not tons of plot, just stuff like this (if you click on the comic you can see it at a larger size):

strip from superhero Girl


and this:

The Adventures of Superhero Girl

and this:

Superhero girl at landromatThere are times when I want to write in great detail about something but with this comic, I think it’s best to show, not tell.  The tone is pretty uniform throughout the book so you should be able to tell, from these three samples, whether you’ll like the book or not.  I loved it.  Better yet, my ten-year-old daughter, who seems to think of reading during the summer as a gross injustice, was crazy about it.  She read the whole thing in a day and now she’s reading it again.  She made her Daddy and I read it.  She seems to be reading it to the dog, who is confused but enjoys the attention.  Her one criticism is that the word “crap”, which is the strongest word in the book, is “inappropriate”.  This is true, although I regret to inform you that it’s not like my daughter hasn’t heard that word before, from me, on several occasions.

I hope you all like Adventures of Superhero Girl as much as my daughter and I and my husband and the family dog have.  Author and illustrator Faith Erin Hicks has several books out and I’m off to check all of them out of the library!


One thought on “Book Review: The Adventures of Superhero Girl, by Faith Erin Hicks

  1. JF Owen says:

    Aimed at an audience just a bit older than my granddaughter, but I’ll keep it in mind when she turns ten. She may read it to the dog, but my money is on the cat, Meow. That’s pronounced maow. (It’s meow with a southern accent) Meow, seems to be more attentive than the dog is.

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