Wednesday Videos: Orphan Black Rocks Out

WednesdayVideoIt breaks my heart that I could not find an actual clip of Helena singing, “Sugar, Sugar” in Orphan Black, but here’s the next best thing – a fan video of Helena’s love affair with food by fan DogOFood.  This video contains footage through Season Two, Episode Six so if you are spoiler-phobic and not caught up yet, best avoid.  I was totally traumatized by Episode Five and so grateful for all the funny moments in Episode Six.  Go watch Orphan Black y’all – it’s on iTunes and available on DVD soon!

Oh, my gosh, you guys.  Amy Brooke put together this one about Cosima and Delphine.  I’m not even a big Cosima/Delphine shipper (I’m watching you, Delphine, you sneak) and it made me cry like a baby.  No making Cosima sad!  Stop that right now!

OK, that was painful, so here’s my spirit animal Alison, singing “I’m a Bitch” in the car.  You go, Alison!  You tell ’em!  This video contains cuss words, obviously.  I can’t even express how much I love Alison and how many happy hours I myself have spent singing “Bitch” in my car.

I only have four episodes of Season Two left!  What will I do until Season Three?

One thought on “Wednesday Videos: Orphan Black Rocks Out

  1. Carolyn Hill says:

    I just finished streaming season 2 last week. I want more NOW.

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