They Were Babies

One of my most faithful blog followers, JF Owen, wrote this shortly after the shootings in Newton, Connecticut. Sadly, it remains relevant. I thought he brought some unique and interesting perspectives to the issue of gun control.

Earlier this fall, I noticed a facebook post from one of the students that my daughter had in her first year of teaching kindergarten.  The young lady is a senior in high school now and was posting to ask if my daughter could find the time to come to her graduation next spring.  I remember that my daughter said that nothing could keep her away.  Then she added, “Wow, one of my first students has invited me to her graduation.  That makes me feel old.”  I remember thinking that it shouldn’t make her feel old; it should make her feel loved and respected.

I found myself revisiting that post over and over in my mind as I followed the news about the school shootings in Newtown Connecticut yesterday.  It really hit home when I saw the photo of Victoria Soto, the hero teacher who gave her life to hide and…

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