This Week’s Arrow: “Unthinkable”

Arrow Tv show logoOK, the Arrow Season Finale has come and gone and we can all discuss:  HERE BE SPOILERS.

I’m sure you all knew exactly when I was watching this because I kept emitting little shrieks of joy.  Lyla has a rocket launcher!  Nyssa is back!  Quentin is even more snarky than usual!  Thea is immune to bullshit!  Deadshot is even snarkier than Quentin!  Amanda Waller manages to spit out the line, “You’re about be a father” with the kind of venom people usually reserve for statements like, “You killed my girlfriend” (although during the holiday rush at the mall I’ve been known to use the same tone of voice when saying “You stole my parking space”).

So much joy was had during the finale, and overall I’m thrilled with it (although if they kill Quentin I’ll be annoyed – not just because I like Quentin, but because I think having older people on the cast is a true gift to the show and the audience).  This nicely completes Ollie’s arc into a true hero as opposed to a vengeance-fuelled vigilante, and it also completes his arc in healing from the traumas of the island.  I’m sure there are enough traumas to keep him angst-filled for many more seasons – but he seems to have released some of the guild for the death of Shado, he has found an ability to trust again, and although his family of origin has shattered he’s surrounded by family of choice.

Another thing I liked about the episode was that it refused to betray the fascinating, complex women in its cast.  Over and over again women are consigned to stay safe and silent i the background, and it never, ever works.  Thea runs off to be a super villain, thus making all my dreams come true.  I knew she would turn to villainy!  I just knew it!  I’m so excited!  Laurel gets held hostage (again).  Sarah left last week, but she’s back with a whole army behind her (it’s a small army, but very high quality).  And then there’s Felicity – which is where I feel let down.

Ollie tells Felicity he loves her, at which point in the episode I started screaming and jumping up and down.  But even though I was acting just like those people who attend the Oprah show and find out they won a new car, I felt a little cheated.  It’s too early for Ollie to tell Felicity he loves her.  I believe they are soul mates who are destined to ride off into the sunset surrounded by conversation hearts and glitter, but right now Ollie thinks of Felicity as a cute younger sister.  So I was both excited and not sure I believed it…

…which was lucky because it was a ploy.  It was a cool ploy.  It meant Felicity got to take down Slade, which was a moment I’ll certainly never get tired of.  There he is, whining away, and Ollie gives him a simply glorious “The Reason You Suck” speech and then Felicity depowers him with a well-placed hypodermic.  That’s my girl.

Then at the end, they have a cute conversation about how his declaration of love was fake, and I was all sad.  Not because they didn’t rush into each other’s arms, but because dragging out the will they/won’t they is so soap opera – even for this show, which has never been ashamed of having soapy elements.  They cheated the show and they cheated the audience.

But hey – did I mention the phenomenal amount of squee involved in this episode?  Seriously!  I have one gripe and that’s it.  Can’t wait for Season Three!

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One thought on “This Week’s Arrow: “Unthinkable”

  1. Rachel O. says:

    You ROCK. This post is internet gold. Thank you!! I agree with your assessments of the finale.

    I thought the girl power on this episode was great. Even though sometimes the girl power falls short (Laurel kidnapped/drugged how many times?? Thea sobbing ALWAYS??), they are making great efforts this season. I do like seeing Thea become a villain — especially because so far it’s not the “girl villain” thing they usually pull where your villainy is reduced to the seduction of someone else’s man. She shot her dad and Malcolm was like “MY ONE TRUE CHILD I LOVE YOU.” Felicity getting the “killing stroke” by pretending to be helpless and kidnappable was amazing.

    I squeeeeeeed and nearly hyperventilated with the Olicity scenes even though I knew it had to be a fake. There was NO WAY they were going to actually sail that ship on the high seas. A lovingly painful tease.

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