Wednesday Videos: Jane Eyre’s Bertha Sings!

WednesdayVideoSomeone shared this with me on Facebook and it is just the best thing ever.  The tune, of course, is from the movie Tangled.  This video, from Bertha’s point of view, is sad and funny and creepy.

This is a bonus video from a whole series about Jane Eyre, narrated by her on her video blog.  When I was in college, I thought perhaps I might bring down The Man by my revolutionary acts.  Middle-age has made me more subtle and now I bring down society by destroying productivity.  With this in mind, here’s a link to the entire Jane Eyre Vlog series.  The revolution will be televised in the sense that it will consist of all of us quitting our jobs to watch TV!  And shows online!  Whee!

And just in case some of you missed it, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the series that started this whole “Vlog a book” craze, is fantastic.  Don’t miss it!

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