Catching Up On Arrow: The Promise

MV5BMTYzNDYxMTkzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODUzMjMxMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I sat down this morning to watch Arrow and guess what – there was no new Arrow this week.  What the hey, Arrow?  I need my weekly fix!  Hurry up and get me to the upcoming Birds of Prey episode!  Also get a spinoff going, OK, because I need a Birds of Prey show like I need oxygen.  Make it so.

Anyway, last week, we did have a new Arrow, which I did not write about due to book revision drama.  So now I can catch up, yay.  The only problem is that last weeks’ episode, “The Promise” is basically just showing us lots of stuff we already knew.  I have two highlights:

Slade grabbing Ollie by the foot was pretty badass.  How I wish I had a gif for you.  My google-fu has failed me.  Basically the whole episode is worth watching for this one stunt.

Angry Slade needs a hug.

Angry Slade needs a hug.

The stunt in question is part of the Island storyline.  Ollie, Sara, and Slade try to take the freighter.  Mooks dying everywhere, new prisoners showing up, gambits galore – it’s all very exciting.  Ivo turns out to be trying to find a cure for his wife, which is supposed to make us feel sorry for him.  Alas, I continue to think he’s a sadistic crazy asshole, and my opinion does not change when he tries to convince Ollie and Slade that because Ollie chose to save Sara, Ollie holds full responsibility for killing Shado.  Oh, for the love of bunnies.  That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  And since Slade and Ollie are both dumb as a bag of hair, they seem to buy it, at least in part.  End result:  Sara is back on the island, Ollie is locked up on the freighter, Slade is in charge of the freighter, and Slade promises to make Ollie feel complete despair.

In current time, Ollide discovers a nicely cleaned up Slade chatting up Ollie’s mom and viewing landscape art (not a euphemism) with Ollie’s sister.  The amount of stink-eye delivered in this storyline is magnificent.  Ulitmately the team swoops in but Diggle is knocked out before he can shoot Slade (which honestly, shooting Slade in cold blood seems pragmatic but out of character).  Ollie, Roy and Sara surrounding Slade at Moira’s house was pretty beautiful.  Stephen Arnell’s delivery of the line, “So what would you like to do now, Mr. Wilson?” deserves to be worked in crosstich and hung in a frame.

And yet, still less awkward than dinner with the Lance family.

And yet, still less awkward than dinner with the Lance family.

I enjoyed this episode but it didn’t move us forward.  The flashback stuff moved forward but only to places we already knew we were going.  This seems to be the pattern with Arrow – an episode that sets up a tower of blocks, and an episode that knocks them down.  As long as the set up episodes remain entertaining I’m good with that.  We have a new episode next week that looks to be Diggle-centric, YAY!  See you then!  Meanwhile I leave you with a question.  Why is Roy practicing archery without a shirt?  Yes, he works out, God knows I appreciate it, but what possible reason could he have for being semi-nude at this moment?  Not even an arm guard?  Dude, I actually have practiced archery, years ago, and that’s gonna hurt.  I’m just saying.


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