Today’s Post brought to You By the Cold and Flu Season

out sickThis month’s list of upcoming releases of sci fi and fantasy romance has been stolen by the cold and flu season.  Our family has been stricken by a cold that has so thoroughly sapped our will to live that we are subsisting entirely on stale crackers.  In lieu of actual writing I present you with the following time waster extraordinaire, courtesy of Wikipeda:


Yes, my sick friends, Wikipedia has you covered.  Am I stricken by Cooties?  Or Diseasemaker’s Croup?  Could it be Kyrtos Virus, or possibly Kellis-Amberlee?  Maybe it’s Bowden’s Malady.  I’m almost positive it isn’t Cutie Pox.

Whatever it is, don’t come over.  You’ll regret it.

And if that’s not enough for you, The Mary Sue has a list of the 10 best/worst fictional diseases.  And if you suspect your disease is caused by being poisoned, then Wikipedia has a list of fictional toxins.  Some of them even have cures.  If anyone comes across the tears of a phoenix, let me know, OK?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Post brought to You By the Cold and Flu Season

  1. I know how you feel 😦

  2. Harliqueen says:

    Hope you feel better soon, I just hate getting struck down by the Cooties 😀

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