This Week’s Arrow: Blast Radius

MV5BMTYzNDYxMTkzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODUzMjMxMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_So this was a weird, filler episode in which there were a lot of explosions but nothing much happened.  Men ran around being manly, with the occasionally manly grimace of emotional vulnerability, women were stealthy, Sean Maher was totally wasted in his part as a mad bomber and basically the story inched forward just a smidgen while I screamed at the screen, “Kiss her, Ollie!  Kissherkissherkissheryouidiot!”

Let’s get this party started with:

What You Need to Know

1.  Ollie is totally freaked about the Wonder Drug of Doom

2.  This is because back on the Island, when Slade took the wonder Drug of Doom, he became even more of a jerk than usual.  Luckily when he tried to strangle Ollie, Sara was standing by to smack him with a tree branch.  That’s why we love you, Sara.

3.  My imaginary pretend boyfriend (Barry Allen, Duh) is in a coma (don’t worry, he has a spin-off show coming soon, he’ll be fine).  Felicity has been hanging out in Central City with comatose Barry a lot and [insert sing-song voice here] somebody’s jealous!

3.  Ollie is a total jerkass to Felicity, who was in Central City at Barry’s bedside when the first bomb went off.  Ollie blames Felicity for basically everything on earth before finally apologizing to her and exuding sexual magnetism all over the place.  Huh, that sounded less gross in my head.

4.  Roy has superpowers that he won’t discuss with Thea (Roy is a moron.  We all know this).

5.  Oh yeah, there are bombs, because Sean Maher (from Firefly!) plays a mad bomber – but honestly it’s not that important.  Except that my manic googling reveals indications that he’ll be back in future episodes.  If he appears with Summer Glau, there will be great rejoicing.

6.  Sebastian Blood is totally evil (which we knew).  Laurel has figured this out – which is impressive since she stole her Dad’s pain meds and is drugged to the hilt constantly.  Yeah, that will end well.

Line of the night:

“Were you apologizing to me, or were you talking to your quiver?”

Romantic developments:

Thea and Roy

Thea, acting almost mature

Thea, acting almost mature

I have never cared about this couple.  Is anyone out there losing sleep with regard to Roy?  Anyone?  God forbid he should have an honest conversation with Thea for five minutes.  Thea has had her own moments of relationship fail, but in this episode she really tries to be there for Roy and he’s as dumb as a bag of bricks.  BTW, the whole scene in the club where Ollie tries to find out what’s up with Roy was great, especially when Ollie’s mom shows up and talks about how great it is that Thea has made such a great business from Ollie’s “hobby”.  Moira has to spend so much time either seeming sort of villainous or super angelic that this moment in which she drives her son completely crazy with an offhand comment was really refreshing – it was exactly the kind of annoying things mom’s do and it bugged Ollie in exactly the kind of way I’d expect it to.

Ollie and Felicity


See, I’m conflicted, because I sort of don’t want Felicity and Ollie to get together.  I really want Felicity and Barry to get together, but since he’s going off to his own show with his own canonical love interest I don’t think we’re gonna get that.  Not for long, anyway.  And I don’t think Ollie is capable of being anybody’s boyfriend right now.  He’s very empathetic and supportive of troubled women (he has bonded on at least some level with Laurel, Sara, Huntress, and Isabel) but he himself is a total mess.  Being able to understand another person does not necessarily make you capable of navigating the day-to-day complexities of dating someone.

But Ollie and Felicity have good chemistry, and she adores him so much, that I sort of root for them anyway.  and the chemistry in this episode was huge, as Ollie has a pretty honest conversation with Felicity.  He even stutters a little, which is so…cute.  He’s supportive of her relationship with Barry (during this last conversation) while acknowledging his dependence on her and her status as an equal.  It was a great moment in an otherwise flat episode.

General questions to ponder and one missed opportunity:

1.  How is Laurel able to stay so alert on prescription painkillers?  Because if I so much as look at a Vicodin I fall asleep.  Think of the eye-hand coordination involved in applying her mascara so perfectly.  Maybe that’s her superpower.  By the way, it was so nice to see her do something competent in this episode and finally get some information that could make her more of a player.

This is not the hair of a stoned woman.

This is not the hair of a stoned woman.

2.  It’s sweet that Ollie has a pal in Sebastian the Devil, but is it really wise for a politician to publicly ally himself with the Queen family right now?  Aren’t they still pretty unpopular, what with Moira having helped kill hundreds of people?  When did they become popular again?

Sure, I'll trust him.  why not?

Sure, I’ll trust him. why not?

3.  A missed opportunity:  When Felicity tells Ollie to get his head out of his ass, and Diggle suggests they all take a breath.  No, Diggle, don’t stop them now!  I want to hear Felicity yell at Ollie some more!  She’s really good at it!  Let ‘er rip!

Don't mess with Felicity.  Just don't.

Don’t mess with Felicity. Just don’t.


See you all next week, with an episode in which Laurel turns to Arrow for help with Sebastian Blood, and Sebastian does not appreciate it, not one little bit.  You can leave our comments here, or catch up with our chat at Harlequin Community Forums!

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