Apology and Penanance, Plus David Tennant and a Robot Turtle

Some of you may have just gotten an email that promised you Jeeves and Wooster today.  No, you cannot have Jeeves and Wooster today!  It was all a lie!  Actually a typo when I set the date!  But you will get Jeeves and Wooster in January.

As penance for my clumsy formatting, I offer you this:

This, in case you are wondering, is a clip from dolphin documentary narrated by David Tennant.  But wait!  There’s more! The filmmakers study the dolphins by means of a hidden camera in a robot turtle!  I swear this is a thing!  And in the full documentary, dolphins are observed getting stoned by sniffing puffer fish!  But kids, JUST SAY NO!

This is so much weirder than anything I could ever, ever make up.

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