The Thankful Geek

Thank-You-1-500x408There’s 30 days in November so here, in no particular order, are 30 things I’ve been thankful for in 2013!

1.  Joss Whedon.

2.  People Who Make Stuff, whether practical, fantastical, or both.

3.  Guys who got our backs:  Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines.

4.  Seeing Amy Acker and Alexis Densiof together in Much Ado About Nothing.

5.  The Marvel Universe.

6.  Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster.

7.   The Hubble Space Telescope

8.  Arrow and Canary smiling at each other during fight scenes.

9.   Being a guest for the first time at a con – Thank you, Convolution!

10. Kid-appropriate comic books.

11.  Saga – not a kid appropriate comic book!

12.  Seanan McGuire and Mira Grant.

13.  Seeing SFWA change from within – keep at it!

14.  N.K. Jemisin and Saladin Ahmed, whose books and twitter feeds challenge and delight me every day.

15.  Reading Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams to my daughter at bedtime.

16.  Librarians!

17.  The steampunk bamboo biplane in Tai Chi Zero.

18.  Field Trips.

19.  Blood Donors.

20.  Blue collar workers – they make the world I live in.  Thank you.

21.  Volunteers.

22.  Scientists, mad or otherwise.

23.  Writers who support their fellow writers.

24.  Natalie Portman, for her “Be the next Jane Foster” program.

25.  BAMF Girls Club.

26.  Kickstarter and Etsy.

27.  YouTube videos that make me smile.

28.  Mythbusters

29.  Having too much to read.

30.  Geek Girl in Love readers!

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