Convolution: One Last Memory

photoI love these photos so much that I wanted to write a whole separate feature about them.  My family and I were standing in line waiting to get some books autograph by Wendy and Brian Froud.  The line was very long, because everyone loves the Froud family.  and it was moving very slowly, because apparently the Froud family loves everyone.  When you got to the front of the line, they didn’t just sign you book – they hugged you, and let you take a few photos, and chatted for a few minutes.  Because they are wonderful.

So anyway, we were getting a little restless and dare I say a tad cranky when I noticed that the woman behind me had a great hand tattoo.  then I realized that it was actually a drawing – and she was doing this drawing at that very moment, with a regular ballpoint pen.


When we oohed and awed she looked at my daughter and said, “Want me to do one for you?”  So that’s what we did while we waited for our turn in the line – we watched this woman do gorgeous art on my daughter’s hand with a ballpoint pen.  I don’t know why I’m so enchanted by the fact that this all took place with an ordinary pen but the combination of an everyday object, an intricate and fascinating final outcome, and a great moment of kindness just charmed the socks off me.



You might notice the earrings the woman is wearing – she makes them herself and sells them on etsy.  Her name is Laura Franklin, and you can find her jewelry at


Thank you, Laura, for a lovely memory!  BTW, the earrings are made from beetles wings, and she promises me that they are naturally shed and that the beetles aren’t killed for their wings.  So you can enjoy your jewelry guilt free!

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