Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: “The Asset”

Agents of SHIELD logoHelloooo  supervillain!

So this week on Agents of SHIELD (which I refuse to type with little period marks because it’s annoying), Skye gets to be all badass and the show continues to be  entertaining but not emotionally powerful at all.

Skye is an amazing hacker and yet fans wonder how she can afford her clothes.  she uses your credit card account, dummy.

Skye is an amazing hacker and yet fans wonder how she can afford her clothes. She uses your credit card account, dummy.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need every show to have the emotional punch of, say, “Breaking Bad”.  But by the third episodes of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, and certainly Firefly, I cared deeply about the characters.  Some of those first three episodes weren’t even very good, but if the shows had been cancelled, I would have said, “WHAT?  What about Willow? No more Willow?  How COULD you?”  If they cancel SHIELD, which is unlikely, I’d say, “Bummer.  It was a fun show”  and that would be it.  So Whedon family, step it up a bit here with the emotional engagement, OK?  I can only stare at Inca temples for so long.

Also, this week, I have no special standout lines, not because there weren’t great lines, but because they were all only good in context (something I rather enjoy).  My favorite line of the night was “Nope”.  Clearly, you had to be there.  Although there weren’t individual stand out lines, there were some great stand out moments, and here they are.

The high points:


Skye tries to use jargon and is promptly called out on it, hee, hee.

Skye gets an evite to the party using hacker skills as everyone is telling her she’s useless.  So, that was cool.  And then she is called out on it by the bad guy.  So, that was hilarious.

Skye is badass with a gun!  Skye is realistic about her willingness to use it!  I think I love her!

Yes, this was a very Skye-centric episode.  In fact, so far, this is a very Skye-centric series.  The only character who is developing, who is going through some sort of process, is Skye.  All the characters are showing various signs of development, but very much in the background.  Unlike much of the Internet, I think Skye is a great character, but it’s time to let some other characters into the foreground.  They clearly have all kinds of back stories and plots and it’s time to let them shine.  At this point if any of them were to perish my reaction would be one of mild disappointment that I never got to see them do stuff – and that’s a bad sign for my investment in a series.

Here’s some high points that didn’t involve Skye:


Oh you guys.  I am so sorry I could not find a picture of Fitz eating popcorn to share with you.  It was the highlight of my week.  Also, I do not support keeping exotic animals as pets,  but could someone please get Fitz a pet monkey?  Apparently he really, really wants one and now I kinda want to see what he does with it, and whether Simmon will dress it up in little outfits, and whether they will give it a spy name, and…oh, just get the man a monkey, for Pete’s sake!


It’s great to have Coulson showing some self-doubt.  He’s so polished as team leader that the humanity of “Phil” can get lost.  Moments like last week’s midlife crisis conversation and this week’s muscle memory problems don’t just make us wonder what’s up with him – they make him more than this one-dimensional, chipper, matter-of fact guy.

The low points:


This guy and Coulson end up having the fakest-sounding argument of all time.  Bad script, bad acting, horrible, horrible lines, just – awful.

Also, Skye has a brief nervous breakdown that is totally in character for me but entirely out of character for her.

And finally, this isn’t the show’s fault, but for God’s sake, Hulu Plus, stop trying to sell me prescription acne medication.  You are making me feel feminist rage combined with plummeting self-esteem.  I don’t need acne medication and if I did I wouldn’t buy any that states “skin may turn orange” as a side effect.  Get over yourself.

See you all next week.  Will The Calvary kick butt?  Will Fitz get an illegal, exotic pet?  Will we discover what’s so magical about Tahiti?  WHO KNOWS!

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