Hooray for Triple Digits!

the number 100 made from legos

As of this writing, we officially have a hundred followers – Mad Scientist Husband refused to subscribe until I got ninety-nine followers so that he could be the one hundredth one.  That’s pure romance, people.  Flowers are boring, but a man who follows your blog is a man to keep.

So as I type madly away in the dead of night, I have to wonder – who is reading my stuff?  To the best of my knowledge, here’s who’s reading:

1.  My friends and relatives on Facebook who are being sucked in against their will because I have used the powers of WordPress for evil.

2.  My mom.

3.  My mom’s knitting group, possibly because they fear that if they don’t read my blog, my mother will attack them with knitting needles.  Such is a Mother’s Love.

4.  The mad scientist, henceforth known as No. 100.

5.  And this is the amazing part:  Some people I don’t know.

It’s true!  I know it’s true, because I don’t think I actually know 100 people!  As they say in Bloom County, “I say to myself, ‘Why, that is DARNED exciting!'”

So thanks to the one hundred (and possibly, by the time this is posted, more) people who are subscribing to geekgirlinlove.com. Leave a comment and tell us what draws you to the blog – the book reviews?  The science stuff?  Videos?  My scintillating wit?  Today, 100.  Tomorrow, the world!

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